Szymon Wyrzykowski  [IMDB]

London based filmmaker from Poland. Having graduated from University for the Creative Arts in Farnham with a Bachelor in Film Production I began working as a freelancer in London. With a background in cinematography I started pursuing novelty in emerging technologies. This led me to projects that merge conventional storytelling techniques with such technologies as artificial intelligence and virtual / augmented reality. Currently working with Digital Orchard as a Digital Imaging Technician.

Phone: 07760 315 108

E-mail: simon.likes.coffee/at/gmail.com

EDUCATION Bachelor of Arts in Film Production (Cinematography) at University for the Creative Arts in Farnham • 2013 – 2016
PROGRAMMES Reframed“, an interactive and immersive storytelling programme organized by Lighthouse and Creative England• 2017
INTERNSHIPS 10 day internship at Platige Image • Warsaw • 2015
WORK Technical Director at Mutiny Media• London • 2016 – 2018
Creative Director at The Glitch Co.• London • 2017 – present
Digital Imaging Technician at Digital Orchard• London • 2019 – present


Tailspin 2020 Apple series
S1: 8 episodes
Neville KiddASC DIT Lab 2x ARRI Alexa Mini LF
1x ARRI Alexa LF
Discovery of Witches 2020 Sky series
S2: 4 episodes
Adam Etherington DIT Lab 2x ARRI Alexa Mini
Industry 2020 HBO series
S1: 8 episodes
Milos Moore
Catherine Derry
Daniel Stafford-Clark
DIT Lab 2x Sony Venice
The Honey Makers 2019 short film Susanne Salavati DIT 1x ARRI Alexa Mini
Military Wives 2019 feature film Ruairi O’Brien DIT Assistant 2x ARRI Alexa
Kingsman 3: The Great Game 2019 feature film Fraser Taggart DIT Assistant (2nd unit) N/A
MORI 2019 commercial Mads Junker DIT / VFX Supervisor 1x RED Weapon 8K
Automat 2019 short film Mark NutkinsGBCT 2nd AC / DIT (dailies) 1x Arri Alexa
Intaya: “Backpack” 2018 music video Karol Jurga AC 1x RED Helium 8K
Kingston Grammar School 2018 commercial Pauline Gefin AC (2nd unit) 1x Arri Alexa
IF 2018 180°VR Mark NutkinsGBCT AC 1x Z-CAM K1
Livia Rita 2018 music video Karol Jurga AC 1x RED Helium 8K
LEW: “Short Story Long” 2018 music video Klára Rychtarčíková AC 1x A7SII
Millennium Bank: Konto 360º 2018 commercial Jan Holoubek Camera Trainee 1x ARRI Alexa
Murder Express 2018 interactive Sam Weston AC 8x GoPro 4
Songs For Ginger 2018 TV Ivan Wood DIT 4x Panasonic DVX200
RA: What’s Wrong With Morris? 2018 short film Rian Shafi VFX Supervisor 1x RED Dragon
Sundowning 2017 VR Sam Weston AC 1x GoPro Omni
STRIPPD 2017 commercial James Ducker AC 1x Sony FS-5
Stardust 2016 short film James Ducker AC 1x ARRI Alexa
Koniec Widzenia 2016 short film Maciej Miller B-Roll 1x ARRI Alexa


Caro: “Cat’s Pyjamas” 2020 music video director The Glitch Co.
The Survivalist 2019 short film DOP Vortex Films
Portrait of a Tattoo Artist 2019 short documentary director The Glitch Co.
Have You Seen This Person? 2019 180ºVR director The Glitch Co.
Mariana 627 2019 short film DOP The Glitch Co.
A Friend In Need 2018 short film DOP Vortex Films
Secrets of Warsaw 2018 youtube series DOP The Glitch Co.
Death is a Picket 2018 short film DOP First Acts
Cosmopolitan 2017 VR DOP Esteem Brand Strategies
Ispolin 2016 short film operator UCA
The Sublime 2015 short documentary DOP UCA